How I Became An Expert on Alcohol

How I Became An Expert on Alcohol

Impact of Using Whiskey Barrels on Whiskey

Each distillery that you choose to visit will give you the opportunity to see the many whiskey barrels that they have in their possession. They are the ones that will determine the structure of the whiskey that we enjoy. You will learn that during the entire blending as well as distilling, this whiskey will spend a bigger part of its life in the whiskey barrel. In a way, this is where it will become better. These barrels are known to allow for the maturity of this drink. This is the point where the taste is given a new touch. The life of a whiskey barrel is occasionally categorized into three as indicated in here.

You will realize that these barrels are not virgins in most of the times. In most cases, they will be initially used in the making of bourbon before they are taken up by the whiskey distillery. However, there is careful selection before they start using them in this distillery. They will occasionally be tested as to whether they have certain desirable characteristics. The period within which the bourbon sat in them also matters a lot. Preferably, a period of two years will do just fine. This is intended to make sure that the quality of the whiskey is not compromised at all. All the factors that might be a threat to the quality of the whiskey are addressed at this stage.

There are also a few other virgin oaks that will be added to this mix. This is the exact stage that you will learn of the importance of barrels in this process. You will learn that it is recommended for the whiskey to stay in this barrel for as long as possible in order for the taste of the whiskey to be better. This does suggest that they allow the whiskey to gain both maturity and value. These barrels are meant to improve the flavor of the whiskey. As a result, it develops to be one of the most refined brews. Its toasting is what results into this. This might even take a decade.

You will realize that by the end of the cycle, these barrels will have lived for so long. However, this does not mean that they have no further use. There is a possibility of you using them as a segment of your d?cor. It is possible for you to make these barrels to be part of your furniture. You will only be required to do a little refurbishment. This goes ahead to show that these barrels can be used for ages. They also have diverse uses. Choosing to use them will be a decision that you will never regret at all.

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